“LIVE” in AC is a BIG TIME/NCAA CERTIFIED event July 25 - 27, 2018 in Atlantic City, NJ! 

This is the premier exposure event on the East Coast during the all important 3rd live period.  "LIVE" in AC will provide student-athletes from Coast to Coast with the opportunity to participate in a top-notch summer grassroots basketball event, while being evaluated by college coaches, scouting services and basketball fans nationwide.  Over One-Hundred plus colleges/universities were represented in 2017, with over 35 media outlets present as well.  

NCAA CERTIFIED EVENT (2017)                2018 Dates - JULY 25-27, 2018



Program Directors & Coaches,
The Live Period event is only a few months away! It is URGENT that your team - both coaches and players, are registered on www.BBCS.ncaa.org before July 1. 

We recommend all teams get this process done before July 1 when the NCAA raises its price for certification! Any team that has not completed this process by July 1 is liable to lose their spot in the Tournament. Please get this completed Immediately! You will have a chance to edit your roster after July 1, but your team must be on the website and in the event by that time in order to be eligible for competition. 

Again, ALL coaches must obtain a USAB Gold License before registering on BBCS website. Players DO NOT have to have a Gold License, but they are required to create profiles on the BBCS site. Please see the directions below:

PLEASE NOTE - College Coaches Packets will be produced from this information through the BBCS Site. If this is not completed, your teams will not be in the College Coach Packets or allowed to play in the event!

Here's What You Need To Do -  
1) RENEW or Obtain (if you are NEW) a USAB Gold License - Go to https://www.usab.com/youth/development/coach/process-for-becoming-a-licensed-coach.aspx
         - Click coach registration
         - Fill out Personal information and make                                    $65 payment (*price increases if not completed by July 1)
          - Complete background screening check

                            (*$65 dollar charge in certain states)
          - Complete Courses
          - Obtain Gold License Number (keep this # with you)
          - A Gold USAB License is required to be on the bench               during tournament: Head Coaches, Assistants,                          Scorekeepers, etc.
         - All charges are from USAB and NCAA - NOT the                         Tournaments!

2) Basketball Certification System registration/Team Creation- 
            - Go to  https://BBCS.ncaa.org
            - Register as New Coach 
            - Enter your Gold License # (from USAB home page)
            - Create Profile
            - Fill out your team information
            - Create Bench and Add Coaches/Players (Players must               complete step 3 below before being able to be                           able to be added to the bench)
            - Go to Coaches tab, click "my rosters",

               search "Live In AC" & create a roster for event.
3) Athlete Registration - (All steps must be completed or else athlete will not be added to roster, i.e address, HS coach, HS info)
              - Go to  https://BBCS.ncaa.org
              - Register as an athlete
              - Enter address information
              - Take educational course by watching short video
              - Enter ALL High school information

               - Go to alerts and respond to bench invitations from                     your Team's Coach​