“LIVE” in AC is a BIG TIME event July 20 - 22, 2016 in Atlantic City, NJ! 

This is the premier exposure event on the East Coast during the all important 3rd period.  "LIVE" in AC will provide student-athletes from coast to coast with the opportunity to participate in a top-notch summer grassroots basketball event, while being evaluated by college coaches, scouting services and basketball fans nationwide.  Over One-Hundred plus colleges/universities were represented in 2015, with over 35 media outlets present as well.  

Welcome to LIVE IN AC!

JULY 20 - 22, 2016

(last week of Summer LIVE Period!)


1) Schedules are posted.

2) Teams will check in at their first game site & have their Educational session on site.

3) Games sites for the MAJORITY of your games in your age bracket are as follows -

               17u - Stockton University

               16u - Ventnor Educational Complex

               15 u - Atlantic City HS


        Adult Tournament Pass                  $30

        Student/Sr. Citizen Tourney Pass  $15

        Wednesday Adult Admission         $10

        Wednesday Student/Sr. Citizen       $6

         Thursday Adult Admission            $15

         Thursday Student/Sr. Citizen          $8

         Friday Adult Admission                  $10

​         Friday Student/Sr. Citizen                $6


NCAA Certified "LIVE" Event!               JULY 20-22, 2016